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At its core, Cornerstone is a collection of shortcodes which can be utilised to build out complex page layouts with near infinite customisability. Beyond that though, it’s much, much more. Cornerstone takes these integrated shortcodes and provides alongside them a simple, streamlined, drag and drop front-end interface, allowing users of all experience levels to take full control of their page layouts! If you’re unfamiliar with tools like this, don’t worry as we’ll go into more detail on this moving forward. If you have a bit of experience in these areas already, the key thing to be aware of here is that the front-end editing of tool of Cornerstone is completely uncoupled from your site’s styles and functionality, meaning that your front-end load times will remain as quick and snappy as ever and won’t ever be hindered by any functionality in the build tool itself.

Cornerstone is used to edit your websites pages. Any posts on your website (accessed through the ‘Posts’ tab in the Dashboard area are NOT edited using Cornerstone).

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