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Slider Revolution 5.0 introduced a new way of hyperlinking Layers, called “Actions”.

An “Action” is essentially something that happens when the user interacts with the Layer’s content (clicking the layer, or mouse hovers).

To add a Layer Action, select the Layer on the preview stage canvas, and then from the “Actions” tab, click the “+” button.

Next, choose what type of mouse interaction should be applied to the Layer (click, “Mouse Enter” (mouse-over/hover), or “Mouse Leave” (i.e. mouse-out)

Quick Tip:
To show a “hand cursor” when hovering your mouse over the Layer, apply the settings shown in this screenshot.

Link Layer to another web page

1. Actions Menu

Choose “Simple Link”

2. Link Url

Enter the full url (including the “http://” part) of the web page you wish to hyperlink to.

3. Link Target

Choose “Same Window” to open the link in the same window/tab.

Choose “New Window” to open the link in a new window/tab.

4. Link Type

Choose “A Tag Link” for best SEO practices.  Or choose “jQuery link” if you’d rather the link be opened with JavaScript instead.

5. follow/nofollow

Ask search engines to either follow or not follow the link.  Click here for more information about this attribute.

 6. Delay

Add a delay for when the click event registers.  To use this option, choose “jQuery Link” for the Link Type (#4 above).


Navigate to a different slide

Useful for building custom navigation, such as a special slider menu, etc.

Navigate to a specific Slide (delay optional)

Navigate to Previous Slide

Navigate to Next Slide

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