How to run a re-engagement email campaign

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Struggling with open rates? It may be time to re-think your content and to run a re-engagement campaign

What is a re-engagement campaign?

When you get a new subscriber to your mailing list, this is the time they will be most engaged with your brand. Essentially, it’s the honeymoon phase in your relationship. But, just as in a real relationship, they may become less engaged over time. If they decide to 'leave you' by unsubscribing, you clearly need to respect their decision. But what about the others? Those that see your email in their inbox but choose to ignore and not open. These subscribers are your inactive subscribers.

There could be many reasons why they are not engaging with your emails. But whatever it is, you need to address it and win them back. Having too many inactive subscribers on your list can affect your reputation. As Internet Service Providers (ISPs) monitor open rates and, if you have a low email open rate, the ISP may send your emails to the spam folder.

In all likelihood you've paid good marketing money to get them on your mailing list in the first place. So, why miss the opportunity not to keep them engaged? Especially when there is strong evidence that it's easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than acquire new prospects.

Identifying inactive subscribers and re-engaging with them is a vital part of your overall marketing strategy.

What does a re-engagement email campaign look like?

Take a look at the following great examples of re-engagement email campaigns:

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